Chef Joshua Wiggins found his passion for the culinary arts at a young age. Josh found himself over-indulgent in his love for food and suffered from obesity. Deciding to make a change, Josh combined his culinary knowledge and creativity to develop a healthier diet and focus on his well-being through a regiment of diet and exercise. Soon after making the dietary adjustments, Josh lost 100 pounds. 

While attending culinary school, Josh competed in the NJ State Culinary Competition and was awarded the gold medal for two consecutive years. Josh’s work includes banquet service, short-order cook, fine dining and farm-to-table. He competed twice nationally in Louisville, Kentucky, and appeared on Food Network’s “Chopped.” Additionally, Josh co-owns ChefsPrep, a service that provides delicious, well-balanced meals to the community. 

Chef Josh joined the JBJ Soul Kitchen family in 2017 as Sous Chef. Over the years, Josh has become an integral part of the JBJ Soul Family and works as Head Chef at the Red Bank location.